Faf Explains Why

(Photo Credit: World Rugby/Getty Images)

Fans have urged De Klerk – who was named Player of the Match against the host nation - to bin the box-kick, which they say is a waste of possession. But the half-back, who was regarded as a ball-playing runner when he first arrived on the test scene in 2016, has explained the rationale behind his actions. 

"We do kick a lot, but we try to read the game and the momentum. So, if you look at last weekend, we did kick a lot in the air, and Japan managed to contain our aerial battle," De Klerk said.

"But if you look further than that, we managed to get so much territorial gain on them with our defence, with the guys being loaded on that.

"It was a very positive outcome when we kicked. We did give them possession, but they rarely managed to do anything with it.

"It is going to be a different challenge this week (against Wales). I don’t think we are going to have the same threats as that (from Japan). It’s all about seeing the space, and I feel our wings have come so far over the last two years. They are really competing well in the air.

"They (Wales) have got very good wingers, so it is going to be a massive battle in the air. We don’t always go out with a set plan of me just going up and kicking. We do read the game, and I listen a lot to what Handre (Pollard) is telling me."